Fields, The



The Fields is a dark thriller based on true events that took place on a farm in Pennsylvania during the summer of 1973. Steven (newcomer Joshua Ormond) is a young boy who's parents are having martial trouble. After coming downstairs one night during one of their arguments, he walks in on his father pointing a gun at his mother (Tara Reid, American Pie). Knowing that they need help, she takes him to his grandparent's house which is next to a giant cornfield to stay for a while. His feisty grandmother (Academy Award (r) winner Cloris Leachman) and patient grandfather are more than happy to host him, but warn him to stay out of the fields. In addition to his parent's problems, little Steven is also worried about the Charles Manson murders which is all over the news. While in town, he meets some unsavory characters who remind him of the Manson Family. All of the sudden, mysterious things start happening around the farm. Steven finds a dead body in the forbidden cornfields, but no one believes him. Strange noises keep happening at night and then the dogs go missing. As things begin to escalate, his parents and grandparents keep trying to protect him. But whatever is in the fields isn't going away anytime soon. This fast paced thriller will keep you guessing and wondering what exactly is tormenting everyone and how it will end.


Horror, Action


Tom Mattera, David Mazzoni


Cloris Leachman
Tara Reid
Brian Anthony Wilson