Fresh out of prison, Kermit (Chris Zylka) who is mainly a good kid, who got mixed up with drug dealers, returns home to his Mississippi trailer park. As Kermit struggles to keep clean, he falls for Rachel (Riley Keough), his neighbor who’s turned to dancing in a club to support her sick mother. Kermit and Rachel make a desperate, effort to escape their dead-end town.

Game Of Their Lives, The

In the spring of 1950, the United States was extended an invitation to compete in the World Cup in Brazil.

Faced with budgetary restrictions and no official soccer team to call their own, the U.S. set out to recruit players in the soccer hotbead of St. Louis, Missouri, where they found a group of young friends.


At the beginning of the story Lidice is just one of many small Czech villages trying to survive the war as best as it can.

Day-to-day existence within the Protectorate flows along almost serenely and the biggest upheaval is a pub brawl where by accident a drunk father kills his own son.

Lost for Words

Amidst the sweeping cityscape of cosmopolitan Hong Kong, an ex-Marine falls in love with a ballerina from China.

Against mounting cultural and religious pressure, the two star-crossed lovers risk it all in pursuit of true love.

Out of the Wild

Living on his last dollar with nowhere to go, Henry McBride ends up working the last place an old cowboy wants to be: A dude ranch.


Set in the post-civil war era, Savannah is the true story of the legendary Ward Allen an aristocrat-turned-duck hunter and his relationships with a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie, and the love of his life, free-spirited Lucy Stubbs.

When Lucy defies her father's wishes to marry the handsome and bombastic Allen she finds that living with him can be a bigger challenge than catching him.

Soldier of God

Rene is a dedicated warrior-monk in the Knights Templar. Disillusioned by the corruption in the order he is nearly killed in a battle at the Horns of Hattin.

Alone and lost in the desert he is rescued by a mysterious Muslim. They band together to survive the relentless desert. After finding peace in the oasis of a Muslim widow, Rene questions his Crusader ethos.