A Horse Tail

A city accountant takes a job at a horse farm in the country hoping for a simpler life for he and his daughter.

Instead he finds romance with the lively female rancher and his daughter finds the love of a horse named Holly.

Bracelet of Bordeaux

Someone is dognapping the canine citizens of Chem City, Texas!

Two pre-teen girls overcome danger and conspiracies as they set out to solve the crime and administer justice with the help of a magical bracelet.

Camp Cools Kids

SPENCE, a shy young boy, lives with his mom, Taryn, his brother Zach, and his Grandpa Norman. Grandpa Norman inspires Spence with his tall tales and adventure stories and encourages Spence to get out into the world and be brave. Spence's biggest challenge yet is summer camp.
With the help of his new friends Spence faces his greatest fears, makes new friends and has an adventure of a lifetime at Camp Cool Kids!

Changing Saddles

A troubled young girl must choose between a carefree and exciting life in the city to hard-work, no-frills country lifestyle and the horses she learns to love in order to learn who she really is and what she wants out of life.

Game Of Their Lives, The

In the spring of 1950, the United States was extended an invitation to compete in the World Cup in Brazil.

Faced with budgetary restrictions and no official soccer team to call their own, the U.S. set out to recruit players in the soccer hotbead of St. Louis, Missouri, where they found a group of young friends.

Love and Debt

Henry Warner (Tom Cavanagh) has a wife (Bellamy Young) that wants somebody else's life, a teenage daughter (Bailee Madison) who wants her own apartment, an 8 year old daughter (Lillian Ellen Jones) who wants to be Wayne Gretzky, a mother-in law (Brynn Thayer) who hates him and a five year old son has yet to speak.

Marshall the Miracle Dog

12 year old Finn and his stressed out single mother Cynthia have just moved to a new town to start a new life.

Finn, however, is having some trouble fitting in until he meets a Labrador Retriever named Marshall. While Finn is rescuing Marshall from a zany dognapper, Marshall's leg is hurt.

Sex And A Girl

Sixteen-year-old Alex thinks she's got it made.

But after dancing her entire childhood, with dreams of attending the Julliard School for the Performing Arts, the beautiful and talented young woman hits a serious bump in the road. Her seemingly perfect childhood is dissolving before her very eyes.