Her Name is Carla


A very adult psychological mystery. Carla is desperate to have a child, but her husband Bill is infertile. When she meets a mysterious couple, who are visiting from New York, Carla is instantly attracted to Jack, and invites him and his wife to stay with her and Bill for the evening. Bill is suspicoius of the couple, but his judgement is obscured by his attraction to the enigmatic Molly. Molly teases and leads him on while insisting that they have met before. Meanwhile, the sexual chemistry between jack and Carla is electric. Their fliratation leads to a drunken midnight stroll and passionate lovemaking in the woods. When they return to the house it becomes clear that Molly and Jack's arrival may not b a coincedence as their attitue becomes more threatning. Molly tells Bill a strange and erotic tale written by her 10 year-old daughter, whose name is also Carla.



Horror, Action


Jay Anania


Julian Sands
Mina Badie
Max Beesley
Julianne Nicholson